“Collectyourbills.com has been very efficient in their collections for us. They have given us outstanding, professional service. We look forward to many more years of service from CYB!”
- Industry Billing, Eastchester, NY

Debt Collection

An integrated system of debtor contact and account management for Commercial, Consumer, Healthcare and public sector debts, including:


A time-proven series of mail programs designed for earliest possible collection and highest possible dollar return to you.

Phone Calls & E-mails

Specialized CYB staff with decades of experience adds a vital "personal touch" for maximized effectiveness and sensitivity, with the goal of getting you paid while keeping your debtors as ongoing accounts for your business.

Healthcare / Insurance billing and insurance follow-up

CYB's extensive experience with healthcare receivables has gained us the ability to deal effectively with insurance-related debts. We also are capable of performing electronic billing of insurance charges.

Skip Tracing / Locating your debtor

CYB has a number of tools available to us to help locate the debtors that have skipped. The first thing that is done upon placement of your debts to CYB is a full scrubbing of your accounts. This is where we compare your debtors address electronically with the United States Postal Services’ records to make sure we have an exact match. Once that is done, should the collection letter come back in the mail we will put that account through additional skip tracing. A professional skip tracer in our operation will try to locate the debtor through a number of debtor locating / tracking software we subscribe to in order to be successful on your behalf.

Debtor Evaluation and Classification

CYB's expert account managers and legal staff identify and individually manage "professional" and "hardship" debtors for appropriate action

Litigation, Judgment Entry and
Judgment Execution

CYB's nationwide network of attorneys, in-house legal staff and support personnel take all the required steps on your behalf to maximize successful collection from the most resistant non-payers