Becoming part of the CYB family - making CYB your online debt collection partner - is really easy.

Simply complete the Registration Form - review and accept the Service Agreement - and you're ready to have CYB on your team and delivering these immediate benefits:

Maximized cash flow and cost-efficiency via fast, low-cost debt collection and delinquent account management for Commercial, Consumer, Healthcare and Public Sector creditors.

Complete, 24 / 7 online service, current account status, and account management tools.

The highest level of service, no matter what the size of your business or the accounts you place with us.

Collection techniques including time-proven mail programs, telephone and e-mail contacts - all the way through judgment entry and execution if necessary.

Expert debtor evaluation and classification for maximized results, with extreme sensitivity to your accounts and their "situations".

CYB is a first-entry, business-to-business Internet-based company serving the high-growth debt collection industry.

A partnership with CYB can benefit companies of all sizes - from the largest corporation or institution to the one-person office.

Until now, many small companies and single practitioners such as carpenters, electricians, auto mechanics, doctors, occupational therapists, attorneys, accountants etc. have been forced to write off unpaid invoices because they have had limited means to collect. Single practitioners often find it difficult to take time away from more productive activities to deal with the painful and tedious task of collecting unpaid invoices. In many cases, time taken away from work has exacted a "double penalty" that the small business can ill afford. Now CYB changes everything by becoming your online debt collection partner!