Our Mission

Providing a superior, low-cost, debt recovery service to health-care providers, commercial and consumer clients by offering a full range of services, online information and convenience thus creating positive results to creditors of all sizes.

Driven by debtor friendly point of service collection processes, we are committed to improving client revenue cycles and maximizing their financial position. Our Collectors work well within the guidelines of Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and are thorougly trained on all HIPAA rules and regulations.

Our Structure

CollectYourBills.com ("CYB") is service of National Bureau Collection Corp. (NBCC) with corporate headquarters located in the financial center of Tarrytown, New York, just north of New York City. CollectYourBills.com was founded by the executive officers of National Bureau Collection Corp, one of the USA's top debt collection companies - recognized leaders in the collection industry with over 40 years of combined collection industry experience. Drawing upon this expertise, and perceiving the need for a comprehensive online debt collection service to reflect the rapidly evolving business environment, they founded CYB to collect delinquent accounts for businesses of virtually every type and size.

The result is CYB: a full-service agency with a national presence, structured to handle accounts from simple collection all the way through judgment and judgment execution. CYB maintains a leading edge by integrating the latest technology with time-proven collection methods to yield consistently higher-than-average results for our clients. Our management's commitment to the ongoing use of state-of-the-art technology is designed to always offer our clients superior service at a lower cost - to create a true online bill collection partner our clients can rely on as an essential cash flow management tool.

Our Philosophy

CYB has a number of special capabilities that separate us from the rest of the agencies in the collections industry. Virtually all agencies' unspoken philosophy is "to just collect money." By contrast, our corporate philosophy works toward a more holistic goal, "to collect money through credibility and consistency." In order to maintain credibility, we maintain consistent contact with each debtor, via email, letter and telephone, on a timely basis, in order to impress the debtor that we will not let the debt just "go away."

We endeavor to accurately classify each debtor in order to increase the probability of a successful collection, and to be sensitive when this is called for. Our experience has shown that there are two principal classes of debtors, each requiring approach in a different manner:

The "hardship" debtor

May be someone in a seasonal business or perhaps someone who is going through a personal crisis, such as a divorce, sudden unemployment or a death in the family. We will handle these accounts with a greater degree of understanding and sensitivity.

The "professional" debtor

Recognized in our system as a repeat offender. While this type of account is handled with less flexibility, CYB's goal is not to recklessly damage the debtor's credit profile but rather to collect the debt. CYB does not want you to lose your customers - we want to help get them back on track.

Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Compliance

CYB's collectors are highly skilled and thoroughly trained to work well within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. They have heard every excuse in the world for why a debt cannot be paid, yet they are always polite but firm in their objective of reaching amicable agreements on behalf of our clients. CYB strongly supports and abides by all State and Federal laws and is an equal opportunity employer.